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Iron Giant and tricorder

It was a push with all the other things going on at the studio to make progress on both projects. We have another big filming day tomorrow and there was lots to prepare for.

But I did manage to get the Giants head all blocked out with his major components.

Giselle and I fiber glassed the head with  West systems wonderful epoxy and a layer of 2 oz. cloth and another of 4 oz. Next day it was hard as a hull on a ship. Sanded it a bunch and then used Evercoat glazing putty to fill out all the rough spots and get the head master smooth. After that I used the Bondo air cure red spot putty to get all the small stuff.

I then put on a lot of gray primer and while that dried I started working on the jaw. For two days I wondered how to make this not so simple jaw. I tried Styrene. Nope. didn’t work so well. Tried it again. Still didn’t work and it didn’t look right.

On the way home from the studio the mind went over time and it occurred to me if I used cardboard, stacked it up to the right thickness and then cut, slotted, bent it, curved it and then skinned it with thin Styrene that might work.

Today I tried it. I was able to bend the cardboard and sheet it with styrene while bent over the master for the head. Doing this both from the outside and inside persevered be shape perfectly. I then  sheeted the edges and boom I had the jaw. It fraking worked.

Then I started on the Mohawk fin. I made a basic 2D template, fitted it to the head shape and using Evercoat fixed in place on the head. It still needs more Evercoat and sanding but I ran out of time in my day. Never the less I captured the look of our dear friend the “Iron Giant”.

I still need to do lots of finishing work. Add the ridges around the eyes and the taper. Blend the fin. Add the nobs to the jaw. But its getting there.

In addition the first part of the tricorder mold came out great and Jim started part two of 4.

Next week after the shoot we will have more time to work on the molds and get the “Iron Giant head ready for its mold. Then on to the body. That is after I make one of the heads up, light it and servo the jaw. 😉




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