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The Iron Giant begins

Sunday I decided to do a 6 ft version of the “Iron Giant” and Monday I started blowing up the front view with Mary’s help. Mary found online a program that would take an image blown up to 6 ft and break it into 42 sections of 8 X 10 sections that one could later tape together. That was the first step. To get an idea of its size. To use it as a reference to enlarge other pieces to the correct dimensions.

Tuesday I started with the head. Using the Mondo toy which is accurate according to Adam Savage and his friend Brad Bird (the director of the film) I got a side view and front view and enlarged them to match the giant full size print off.

From that I made a side view and a front view MDF template or former.i assembled all of the parts to make a basic head form for foam carving. I’ve used hot wire cutting for this as well but in this case it was the best route altogether very messy.

It didn’t take long to get a accurate head shape. Later today once sanded and final shaped this will be glassed West Systems Epoxy and fiber glass cloth. Then this will get sanded again, spot putty and prime red until glassy smooth. The eyes of course will be carved in, and he head fin added.

I made a temporary jaw just for a look but today I will shape a proper thick correctly shaped jaw out of foam and glass.

Both maters I’ll e molded in RTV silicone I the end and an cast the final parts made from epoxy glass.

It just the beginning. Most of the body parts will be mastered will be made in styrene and glassing putty.





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