Tricorders and submarines

Got a start on a new project for my friend Koby who is a talented prop maker. He completely retooled an original TNG medical tricorder. Not only that he recreated the mechanism that opens and closes the prop with that sound we all know and love.

When done this prop will have all the lights and sounds with a functional LCD display. Koby has done an incredible job on this prop.

But first this has to be molded and it’s a complex mold. Just the main body will be in 5 pieces because we need the inside as well as the outside. All silicone 1065  with a 1630 mother mold. Jim Wolf has started on the interior layup a later on he started the outside layup I didn’t get pictures of but will post tomorrow. All the parts you see laid out have to be molded too.

The sub is all framed up and the hull closes all with one screw. All appendenges are installed. Next up to do all the control arms from the inside that control the dive planes and elevators.


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November 2016

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