Working on the TV Pilot

Great day at the studio. John O’Leary worked his last day sculpting on a puppet for our TV pilot, “But Something is There”. Www.butsomethingisthere.wordpress.com  John has been incredible to train as an intern and has become our good friend. He went from basic instruction to sculpting for the first time and finding he had hidden talents. Everything we taught him he learned well and excelled at. In the half year or more he has been with us he has learned the craft of Créature effects, makeup effects, props and more that he has recently been hired by a major Créature shop.

This is why we have the internship program at SNG. I have heard it said we are just taking advantage of people to use them to get free help. That is not correct. Taking classes for what we teach will cost you thousands of dollars. Check the facts online if you don’t agree.

John now has a career. By helping us and learning he is now being paid to do something he loves and is inspired to do. Money can’t buy that. We are so proud of him and of our studio. He will be missed. But as he was leaving the universe graced us with yet another amazing human being Jim Wolf. Ironically on that same day Jim started as our new intern.

Isaac and I are continuely working on the post production and effects for the pilot. Here are a couple of very raw image frame grabs from current animations yet to be highly processed. There will be a soft look to this sequence, dream like and surreal once we finished the animation. There are current 4 layers and have 6 more to add. Every creature is a separate layer.

As always be sure to click on the images for the larger full images.


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