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The Iron Giant begins

Sunday I decided to do a 6 ft version of the “Iron Giant” and Monday I started blowing up the front view with Mary’s help. Mary found online a program that would take an image blown up to 6 ft and break it into 42 sections of 8 X 10 sections that one could later tape together. That was the first step. To get an idea of its size. To use it as a reference to enlarge other pieces to the correct dimensions.

Tuesday I started with the head. Using the Mondo toy which is accurate according to Adam Savage and his friend Brad Bird (the director of the film) I got a side view and front view and enlarged them to match the giant full size print off.

From that I made a side view and a front view MDF template or former.i assembled all of the parts to make a basic head form for foam carving. I’ve used hot wire cutting for this as well but in this case it was the best route altogether very messy.

It didn’t take long to get a accurate head shape. Later today once sanded and final shaped this will be glassed West Systems Epoxy and fiber glass cloth. Then this will get sanded again, spot putty and prime red until glassy smooth. The eyes of course will be carved in, and he head fin added.

I made a temporary jaw just for a look but today I will shape a proper thick correctly shaped jaw out of foam and glass.

Both maters I’ll e molded in RTV silicone I the end and an cast the final parts made from epoxy glass.

It just the beginning. Most of the body parts will be mastered will be made in styrene and glassing putty.






Lots of new stuff…

Submarine testing went very well at Chris Langdons pool in Ojah on Sunday. Video tells all.

Printed out with Mary’s help (she found the program online that breaks a large picture into 8×10 seconds you can print out and tape together) the Iron Giant to the scale I’m going to build him to. A bit over 6 foot. About one 1/6 scale.

Work begins and from the empnlarged plans and pictures I’ll start making the head a chest first. A mix of materials from foam wire cutting and expoxy glass to large sections crafted from styrene. All the masters will be molded in hard epoxy molds and some silicone.

Final cast pieces will be made from lightweight expoxy glass with and internal pose able ¬†armature. I’m never planing electronics, servos and voice .



Tricorder molds continue

Jim has been working on the first part of the layup. This is the most difficult piece of the tricorder to mold. It will end up being 5 sections. All silicone and the mother molds will be 1630. You are looking at the main body of the prop looking straight down .





New personal project. A 6 foot Iron Giant from scratch!

Many of you probably don’t know I’m a huge “Iron Giant” fan. And if you don’t know what that is look it up and then see the movie. I insist.

I wanted to get the now 300 dallor Mondo 16 inch figure. Then I thought “why do that when I can scratch build a 6 foot model?” I asked Adam Savage about this and if he had any good reference.

He told me according to his friend Brad Bird (the director of the film)it was highly accurate. Nearly perfect. So I started collecting information last night so I could as early as next week start on this childhood dream of having a big robot as a friend.

lots of my friends have Robbie and the B9 robot from “Lost in Space” and as much as I wanted them too I want the Iron Giant more. The reasons are abundant.

A scratch build that’s not a plane, boat, or Star Ship. A freaking change. Here we go.


SNG Experience 85


Tricorders and submarines

Got a start on a new project for my friend Koby who is a talented prop maker. He completely retooled an original TNG medical tricorder. Not only that he recreated the mechanism that opens and closes the prop with that sound we all know and love.

When done this prop will have all the lights and sounds with a functional LCD display. Koby has done an incredible job on this prop.

But first this has to be molded and it’s a complex mold. Just the main body will be in 5 pieces because we need the inside as well as the outside. All silicone 1065 ¬†with a 1630 mother mold. Jim Wolf has started on the interior layup a later on he started the outside layup I didn’t get pictures of but will post tomorrow. All the parts you see laid out have to be molded too.

The sub is all framed up and the hull closes all with one screw. All appendenges are installed. Next up to do all the control arms from the inside that control the dive planes and elevators.



Sculpting and submarines the best of both worlds

Spent the first part of the day on Lightwave animations and then on to the latest sub build. Lastly I just about finished the visitor puppet sculpture which will start being molded Friday after a lot of turkey. This time the mold will be made out of 1630 two part urethane.


November 2016

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