Lots going on at the Studio

So much I haven’t posted. Everything from a nearly finished scratch built 1851 Radio controlled Schooner to my Halloween makeup of the Frankenstein Monster. Something I have been wanting to do since I was a kid but always so busy in Hollywood I never got to live that dream.

Lots of submarine work for clients.

Upgrading the edit- CGI bay at the studio. Pictures I don’t think I ever posted of us with Adam Nimoy when he visited us at the studio.

And I’m building a small radio controlled WW1 biplane. The big  Enterprise makes it to its owner and hangs from his ceiling. I doubt it will be the last build of this ship. Lots of stuff and I’ll try to keep it updated more often. But making a TV series is taking it’s toll on my time. http://www.butsomethingisthere.wordpress.com to learn more about that if you don’t already know.

The studio has never been more busy than today. Mary and I are having the time of our life.



And a few pictures from our TV pilot but if you want the entire story visit the blog for the show.


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