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Remarkable Times

About a year ago I had the pleasure to meet Gary Lockwood. “2001: a space odyssey” has been and always shall be my favorite movie of all time and the most influential in my life. It started by career, gave me hope and allowed me to dream. It brought me to Hollywood at an early age and gave me the ride of a life time and it’s not over yet.

Yesterday while at Monster Palooza I went by the “Monsters in Motion” booth and there I found the 1/6th scale action figures from 2001. They had all three. Of course I picked the Gary Lockwood version. These are not cheap and of super high quality with metal parts that turn and lock, leather space suit and even the padding inside the helmet. I just can’t say enough good things about it. Worth the 379.00 price in every way.

I got home and took some pictures of it and sent them to Gary In a text message. I was looking over the figure and clicking things together for awhile like a kid remembering that great day in 1968 when I sat I the theatre a watched 2001 for the first time when the phone rang. It was Gary. We talked for about an hour. He told me all kinds of great stories about his career and amazing details about his working with Stanley Kubrick. I was spell bound to say the lease. The little child in me lighted up.

Gary is amazing and I’m so blessed to know him and all the wonderful people in my life. Many who I spent time at Monster Palooza yesterday with. What a remarkable day and life I am having. I am so grateful.



April 2016

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