SNGand more fun

Gisell works on seam burning on the creature hands, Mary on her wood block carving for printing. And I have been getting nacelles. First tests on the first nacelle. Motor will installed tomorrow. Cages are just quickies I’m going to make better ones. Three pics show the differences according to which blinking lights are on or off. Certificates are back from the printers, and toys for a couple of friends. Blaster kits.


1 Response to “SNGand more fun”

  1. 1 Greg
    December 14, 2015 at 8:40 pm

    I know it may not be canon but I put several RGB flasher LED’s in mine along with about 10 single flashers. Since the original used Xmas lights I figure those lights would have had a larger light area than what an LED is. I would assume it would take two or three LED’s to cover the same area as those lights used.
    My lasers should be here tomorrow and I’m going to see how that will work out. They’re 250 mw red lasers. I also have some 2W blue lasers.

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