Enterprise continues to finish

Working hard on the Enterprise to finish her by the end of this month or year for that matter. The parts are just nasty as the molds were so bad and many of the pieces warped. But with a some Evercoat, sandpaper and relentlous pursuit it takes shape. The nacelles were the worse and they are now round and seamless. Still left to do is sand down the red putty and primer today. Place the other parts on the surface. The end caps and the busshards attach with pins. They are removable to access the lighting going in next. It will be all down to closing the hull parts, seaming and sanding next week. That leaves the paint job and decals. In addition Brandon Stacy’s ear molds are excellent and we will run the silicone soon in them. Paul Forest is next for the ears.



1 Response to “Enterprise continues to finish”

  1. 1 Steve J
    December 2, 2015 at 9:18 am

    That is looking great Steve! I really enjoy clicking thru all the photos of ALL your builds. I hope you don’t mind if I save some of them for reference purposes? I’m building the Polar Lignts Spindrift kit soon and want to make the passenger seats and consoles look like yours.

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