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Slot cars

Had a blood test today. My PSA I have every two years. And it made me feel a bit off. That coupled with the high humidity left me feeling a bit under the weather. Better now though. We shot our new version of the “SNG Experience” which is exactly that. We show you the daily life’s goings on at the studio that me and Mary shear. Not how we build things so much but life at the studio with special guests and features.

The VOD videos will cover only building projects in their entirety.

So to take it a bit easy I worked on the slot car track. Now many of you will know that this all started back in 2012. Before my late wife passed away. As a result of all that this and many other projects were put on the back burner. Not to mention it was dismantled when I moved to my Ventura Studio. But Mary and I put it back together a few months to a year back. Can’t remember now. So much has been going on. But the track was never finished. Not that it is now but its a hell of a lot further along than it was. It’s amazing what you can do in a few hours.

I added more length to the straight away. Made some better trees. Added to the table. Bordered it with Styrene sheeting. We have a ton of it around here.
I added turf, ballast or gravel and lots more earth and relief. Now it’s usable and ready to start racing on again.

There’s still lots to do. And add to over time but at least it’s at that point where you can endlessly add to it and create buildings, more trees and people.

As soon as I finish the Stargazer I can finish the Cooper T73 scatch build and get her on the track. 😉

IMG_2434 IMG_2431 IMG_2428 IMG_2427 IMG_2426 IMG_2424 IMG_2423 IMG_2422 IMG_2420

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