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Battle Star Galactica is finished

Battle Star Galactica is finished, except for the 4 missing pieces of armor on the engine. I talked to Kip Hart today and he’s sending me the missing armor. Thanks Kip!

I can’t say enough good things about this kit. It is cannon and accurate completely. Doug Drexler saw the kit when I first got it and told me so.

It had not one bubble in all the cast parts. That’s because they use a vacuum chamber and pressure pot I would guess.

The parts fit prefect. The instructions are very good. The orthos provided are huge and in color for both the versions. Clean and battle damaged.

It is the largest Battle Star Galactica on the market.

So if you want a really good BSG this is the kit to get! It’s not cheap, and that’s why it cost more than other garage and injected massed produced kits. You get what you pay for and sure do with this model.

Here are a few pictures. It’s now proudly displayed in our show room. I need to get a plague made for it.

Kip and all the Bad Azz team…thank you so much for this wonderful model and experience. I never loved a TV show more than BSG. And the ship has a soft spot in my heart.

IMG_2222 IMG_2224 IMG_2227 IMG_2233 IMG_2236 IMG_2237 IMG_2238 IMG_2243 IMG_2244 IMG_2247 IMG_2251 IMG_2253 IMG_2255 IMG_2256 IMG_2258 IMG_2260

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