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imageJimage imageOn with SNG news I started working on an original TNG phaser today. I got this from a prop man that worked on TNG when I was working on “Batman Returns”.
Recently we started offering subscriptions to SNG Studio on Pateron.
At different levels you get perks for supporting us and one of them is a surprise phaser. So I started cleaning up the casting and making it ready for a new mold so I can make hallow casts and add lights and sound.
These will not be for sale on the store and only offered to subscribers of 100 dollars or more. In addition you have free access to VOD we create starting in August. So far we have one phaser to make up and the entire build is being documented for our new pay show format.
In addition to this I started the build of the Stargazer which is also being documented on video step by step showing everything. This will also available with Video On Demand in Augest. We haven’t set a price yet but we will.



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