SNG Pictures 7-8-15

Back to models. time to finish Captain Kirk TMP puppet, Galactica and the Enterprise. It took most of the day today to finish the internals of the Kirk puppet and button him up. He will start getting painted tomorrow.
Galactica got her museum windows installed and the flight deck is glued together. Tomorrow I’ll install the flight deck and we are ready to armor and pain Galactica.
I also did a bunch of work on “Star Trek Sirius” and after 4 years got the Enterprise corridors finished. I started the CGI set more than 3 years ago now. And I’m starting on the Turbo lift next. Remember this written and started by my late wife Gilly.
While I was taking care of her we stopped. I’m finally getting back to it and will need help with many effects shots. All the live action is shot and cut. Music and effects added. It just has a lot of scene missing cuts in the edit. Mostly effects shots and all CGI. Much of this is covered in the next show this week.

IMG_2141 IMG_2136 IMG_2134 IMG_2128 IMG_2126

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