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Tomorrow land

I saw “Tomorrow land” last night with Mary. I was moved and the film spoke to me and all of us that dream of a beautiful,positive and productive tomorrow.

We few, the dreamers, the ones who never give up or dare to imagine the impossible will inherit this tomorrow, those stars, the universe. What do we have to loose by trying? We certifiably have a great deal to loose if we don’t.

The message was strong, important but I felt lost on 90 percent of the audience it was viewed by. But In reality far less than that that percentage has and will give us the gifts and wonders created out of dreaming we enjoy today. From your computer to the flags on the Moon. The few matters. And in this case their needs will always outweigh the needs of the many IMHO. Another words, the few contribute to the needs of the many. It’s a win, win.

Lastly I believe Walt would have liked this movie, because it truly, for the first time in years, put back the Disney in Walt Disney. This was Walt’s vision. This is what I felt when I was 7 years old and stood in from of that TWA Moon Liner.

I will never give up, and I will never stop dreaming about a better future for us all.

As Mary said to be just now, what you project in your mind is the life and world you will live. It’s time to feed the correct wolf. 😉

May 2015

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