TWA Moon Liner

I got so much done on the TWA Moon Liner today. God I love this rocket. BTW the new canopy vacuum formed perfectly and I made a new point for the nose, opened up the cockpit and built and interior for it with dash boards and seats. The cockpit will be lighted too. All covered in the Selfie that is loading now. This model is 40 inches tall. This model is just big and impressive. Thanks Mike Docken for this wonderful gift!

IMG_0778 IMG_0780

1 Response to “TWA Moon Liner”

  1. December 27, 2014 at 8:01 pm

    I am enjoying some free time at my in-laws this holiday season and have been catching up on your work.

    I thought I’d take a minute before the new year to thank you for all of the work you

    do to document your work/play and share it with those of us out in the aether of the internet.

    I started my own business just a couple short years ago, and spend days building, carving, sculpting
    and painting lots of fun projects. I went from a company of 200 to just me, and some days it gets very quiet in the solitude of the shop. Don’t misunderstand- I love every single minute I spend there and wonder that it took so long to make it happen.

    Watching your work progress has been a pleasure since I saw your beautiful large Enterprise on the Replica Prop Forum several years ago.

    You are an inspiration and although I have been quiet this last year, I have been holding both thumbs high in the air at each completed project you’ve posted and all the steps along the way. Bravo!

    With that, I’ll leave you to your labors and tell you that I feel lucky to get to watch the magic.

    Good for you! It’s Great for me! May 2015 be ever better…the builds more challenging and the rewards ever better.

    From the back woods of Illinois-

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