SNG Daily Pics 10-8-14

What a day. I have these 3 subs for a client I built over 3 years ago that he finally wants to have shipped. I have to make a “How To” video for him on the entire operation of all three subs too. But after sitting for so long I have had to go over them in detail to make sure everything is working and fix everything that’s not.

They are ready for the next step which is to test them in the water. So far no leaks and most of the batteries came back after recycling. But there were a few things to fix. Time is a harsh mistress. 😉

Worked on my Halloween costume more. Everything is done and I will try the Batman outfit on for all of you to have a giggle over soon.

first you see the subs open and in pieces. Last all together and a nice new stand for the little Nautilus. all this has been covered in the next SNG Episode number 13.

DSC03715 DSC03717 DSC03720 DSC03723 DSC03726 DSC03728

2 Responses to “SNG Daily Pics 10-8-14”

  1. 1 evil_genius_180
    October 8, 2014 at 8:38 pm

    Nice collection of subs. Something major must have been going on for the client to not want them shipped for three years. I think I remember you mentioning them at least once in your older videos.

    The Halloween costume looks great. The original gray and black color scheme with the simple bat emblem has always been my favorite bat suit.

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