The Video Question


We will not be putting up the former videos that were taken down.  It takes approximately 4 hours for us to upload them to Daily Motion at which time our internet is not available to use at the studio for anything else. We may have gotten less than a dozen requests to put them back up on YouTube, which we cannot, and no one wants to pay to see them on Daily Motion.    If you request a DVD of something specific, you can email us and we will sell you the subject on a DVD.

It saddens us that we can’t afford to take the time and resources to do this. Our focus right now is to keep SNG Studio alive. Just like Mr. Pancake, we have rent and utilities to pay. We are also people and we have all the bills everyone else has. We work for a living. The Studio work is what we do. Notice the lack of a “Donation” button on any of our sites. We want to work, just as you sing for your supper. Thank you for your continued support. Thanks for watching.

~ Steve Neill and Mary Cacciapaglia – SNG Studio & Gallery ∞.

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September 2014

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