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SNG Daily Pics 9-30-14

Went into town and shipped all the perks.
Got a lot more done on the JJ Mobile. All the gaps are filled. the ones that still leak are from thick CA. They nave to be painted over.
Droops and toe-in on the nacelles are fixed. A hair dryer did the trick. She is now ready to have her white base hull pain touched up.
Next up Mary starts applying Aztek dummies masks. Nice thing is she’s all solid now and locked down. Base is solid and all the wires tucked in with a switch to turn on the warp nacelles.
This model will be for sale shortly. Email or PM me id interested.

DSC03636 DSC03637 DSC03638 DSC03639 DSC03640 DSC03641 DSC03642 DSC03644 DSC03646 DSC03647


SNG Daily Pics 9-29-14

Big day today doing all kinds of fun stuff.
First up make a new mold of the Communion Alien. The original mold is getting tired so I made a clay press out of the old mold and I’m in the process of re-sculpting the clay press. We will make a new mold in silicone so they can now be made out of two part polyurethane.
Got back to work on the JJprise and close it up and started gaping the poor fitting model. Got the switch mounted in the base for the nacelle motors and lights. We will be ready to Aztek this model soon.
Did more finishing work on the damaged D that was sent to China and returned. Someone opened this model and broke it apart and removed all the packing. I found more damage that I had to fix.
Rob here is your Cochran statue. Keep in mind folks these are for sale.
And the gray alien was a piece I did in the 90’s that I’m thinking about re-issuing if there’s enough interest.

Good day.

DSC03603 DSC03604 DSC03606 DSC03613 DSC03615 DSC03616 DSC03617 DSC03622 DSC03629 DSC03631 DSC03633 DSC03636


SNG Daily Pics 9-26-14

It’s done. No really. Yes I have to install the water tight compartment and make it all work under water. Trust me that’s the easy part, this model was hell.
Like the Spindrift I did for Hank I basically had a bunch of shapes and the rest is up to the builder. Missing something? Stop your complaining and pull yourself up by your bootstraps and make it yourself!
And gee I even had time today to working on something of mine. And with Halloween just around the corner I had better. Made the Utility belt’s buckle. All out of this super thick styrene Eliot sent me. Must have been 3/16. Just what I needed.
Ok enough of this I’m taking Mary to dinner. See you guys…and girls around this weekend. Next week all kinds of new stuff to do!
PS Got the bases for the Cochran Statues from Jeff Helps. Rob finally I can send all this stuff out next week.

DSC03571 DSC03572 DSC03578 DSC03580 DSC03582 DSC03595 DSC03596 DSC03600


SNG Weekly Episode 11


SNG Daily Pics 9-25-14

I think I finished! I might do an hour in the morning on the airbrushing topside just a little bit more.
Put in a mounting plate for the scopes. They now screw in tight to the correct position so they can be removed for transporting.
All painted black inside. Cleaned it up in there first. This will compliment the look of the water tight cylinder and electronics once they arrive and get installed.
New canopy rocks the house. So much better of a fit.
SNG Weekly will upload tonight and be ready to be viewed tomorrow morning.

DSC03559 DSC03560 DSC03562 DSC03563 DSC03564


SNG Daily Pics 9-24-14

Seems I can’t get this Skydiver done. Tomorrow for sure? Hmmm…well I got the top of the sail detailed and added the hatch and bits up there. None of which were included in my kit parts doe I scratch built them. that will show them!
Made those sail windows. Made that mold of the canopy form and then made a stone buck and sanded it to glassy smooth. Vacuum formed it twice and got to good ones. Masked it, primered it and then added the gold. It’s a perfect fit too. tomorrow I’ll remove the tape once the paint is really dry.
Oh yes and I almost forgot. I made the screens for the limber holes since I couldn’t find anything suitable. Figures. A lot of this boat is scratch built now.
More tomorrow?

DSC03542 DSC03543 DSC03545 DSC03546 DSC03547 DSC03550 DSC03551 DSC03554


SNG Daily Pics 9-23-14

Another entire day on the skydiver. Painting, painting and more painting. Almost there. Just a little tweaking. I added the screen to the intake and made a lip around it out of styrene.
Then there’s that canopy. Neither does it fit or look right. I tried to heat and bend it a bit so it would be a bit more narrow. It did look better but I wasn’t buying it. So made my own plug out of balsa.
Tomorrow I will pull an algenate mold on it, pour one in stone and tool the stone so it is glassy smooth. Pull a clear canopy on the vacuum form and then mask the windows.
Build up lots of primer and brass paint. Once the tape is removed I should have some nice depth to the window settings.
More tomorrow folks.






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