SNG Daily 8-6-14

I did a lot of work on the Skydiver only today. There are just so many values and colors on this model its taking longer than I had thought, something’s never change. 😉
I am hoping to finish the top side tomorrow. There are still a few more parts and some of the parts are so bad I have to remake them. The mussels for the Sky’s cannons never got casted up properly and are missing all of the bell shape except for one. Lucky for me now I know what to match.
In looking at all the pictures I have us this model there are more than one. Colors range. Shapes very too. This model I’m building is close to the original. Some have questioned it’s color but only real thing we have to go on is the show itself. There are lots of color pictures taken back in the day of the actual screen used model. But to go by those pictures alone would be a mistake. They look little like the same model in the show. Lighting effects the way it looks so I choose to go by the show and match that look as best I can. I can take only so much rivet counting and then it becomes ridiculous. 😉




1 Response to “SNG Daily 8-6-14”

  1. 1 evil_genius_180
    August 7, 2014 at 3:01 pm

    It looks great. Color matching is definitely one of the most challenging aspects of making models. I agree, going by photos alone isn’t the way to go. Everything from the lighting to the type of camera and film used can be factors.

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