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800 videos removed from YouTube and Why

Mary and I decided to take down all our videos except for the most recent ones last night. This was motivated by the 100s of emails from YouTube regarding a piece of Royalty free music I purchased from 3 years ago.

The composer Kosmas was kind enough to write me and explain. Regardless of Pond5 policies written or other wise they are in fact misleading so be cautious in your dealings with such online services and get out your microscope to read the fine print.

It’s all good. We are moving forward and the new show will replace what was lost in a better format and more detail.

Here’s is the Email Kosmas sent to me that explains it quite well.


greeting from greece.
i tried to email you through youtube it was impossible

about my composition 12 part piano solo
it was composed 4 years ago using magic music maker with its built in loops. i used 12 different samples that is why its calles 12-part. it is impossible someone made the same piece, unless he used the exact same program, at the same time, with the same inspiration. highly unlikely. i have the original mix on cd, i always keep everything i compose and post it via surface mail to myself. its as valid as sending it to a licensing service. at least that applies to greek law. i have no idea how you do it in us.

moreover, you should know that services like pond5 do not hold the copyrights on the sounds they sell. read the FAQ section and you will see. anyone who uploads anything to pond5 retains the copyrights. pond5 lisences tracks as royalty free, so you can use it in youtube and projects and stuff and not be banned.

in any case, since i wrote the piece 4 years ago, and i bought Magix Music Maker, I hold the sole copyrights of this track. i have no idea who uploaded it to pond5, i never did. and youtube never claimed any copyright infringement all this time.

feel free to contact me on anything

Music Therapist

ps. i quote directly from pond5
Will I Retain Copyright Of My Work?
Yes, You Will Retain Copyright To All Media You Submit To Pond5

Our Contributor Agreement is non-exclusive, which means that you can do what you like with your media, including sell it elsewhere.

You can remove, edit or change the price for your media on Pond5 at any time. You will simply be using Pond5 as a marketplace through which you license the use of your media to other media producers under our royalty-free License Agreement.

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