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Martians Attack SNG Update

I have been thinking of this design for our “Martians Attack SNG” space ship all week. Since we are changing everything about the old Mars attacks and doing our own design I wasn’t going to do a traditional saucer.
I need to do a 3 view still. The bottom is similar shaped with a concave in the middle and the engines that drive here. So much to do still but I hope to start framing up this bad boy later next week. All styrene and made to look like brass. I will have to build a CGI version too for shots of the ship in space that might be a bit tricky to do CGI alone.
There will be no molds and this is going to be a big model and you’ll be able to see the Martians inside those big glowing eyes! This model will be a one off.
Even though the film is a comedy, it’s going to be dark and creepy. Like a nightmare. Thanks again to Bill and Heidi Hughes for the great script.
More to come! And as Gary Hughes says, “Watch the Skies!”

martiansShip copy


SNG Weekly Episode 7


SNG Daily 8-26-14

    What a day today. It started off by finding out my mother had passed away a week after it happened because my three uncles claim they couldn’t locate me. Really? All they had to do was a Google search and bingo.

The show goes on and so does the work. I have always found that my work helps me thought life’s little hurtles. It sure did when my late wife was passing in 2013.
Today I got the ears molds made for the prosthetic Vulcan ears. Tomorrow I start the Martian mold. That will be the last in this series of sculpts. But there will be more. Lots more.
The pictures show some of the progression of these molds but it will be better explained in this weeks “SNG Weekly” show.


10357763_500581586745482_8943259480034518351_o 10446228_500581580078816_1445490702800518175_o 10560586_500581556745485_129494605708122257_o 10631216_500581543412153_5648782626689206853_o 10644178_500581593412148_7869428461408154412_o


SNG Weekly Episode 6


SNG Daily Pics 8-22-14





DSC03163 DSC03165 DSC03166 DSC03167 DSC03168 DSC03169 DSC03170 DSC03171


Wow video it still not uploaded but its processing. It might be a failed load. I’ll give it some more time.
Got more on the Skydiver done. That mast setup was a bear seeing how most of the parts were bad and I had to make new ones.

More work done on the cowls I’m hoping to mold them today but I am picky. Video will be up soon.


SNG Daily Pictures 8-19-14

The Martian transponder continues and I nearly finished it. Still there needs to be about another 2 hours into it tomorrow morning, I need to add more brass tubes around the edge and back light it with some violet LED’s for an eerie glow. Also, there are those bent and curved tubes to add. And those steam punk rivets.

Tomorrow I will be finishing the top side of the Skydiver and polishing off the cowls they have to be molded this week.

With any luck I’ll finish off the Martian Thursday and have a mold making day on Friday.DSC03127 DSC03128 DSC03129


A Trip back and remembrance

It is amazing to me how much time has passed since I first built this grand lady of the stars.
This started off as something I just wanted to have. Custom Replicas use to offer this kit. Jim Keys Company made them. I use to drool over it. Then I found out he didn’t offer them anymore. That was 4 years ago now.
I set out to build one for myself. I was determined to make it as accurate to the original as possible. With the help of Doug Drexler and his distinguished friends I built a 66 inch TOS Enterprise. Gary Kerr and Mike Okuda both contributed to my information pool.
Many of the new comers to SNG are unaware of this. Especially since all the videos of her being built were removed from YouTube. This occurred because the company they recommend for legal music, Pond5, had allowed a remixed piece of music to be uploaded to their site for legal use. This was done without the original composer’s permission. That music was used in over 500 videos. We will re mix and re cut the saga of the Big E build in time.
You can see a bunch of pictures here on one of my websites:
This is the model that started it all. My late wife Gilly encouraged me to finish this model and it changed my life and brought SNG into existence.
This wonderful ship created by Matt Jeffries is pure magic and changes the lives of everyone it has touched. Because of this grand lady, we will one day leave the solar system. She created the magic to inspire generations of great minds and creators to explore our greater reality, the Cosmos!
Steve Neill




SNG Weekly Episode 5


SNG Daily 8-14-14

Today at the studio we were mostly in the edit bay working on the weekly show. But I did get some more time in on the Skydiver. More small parts added, more painting.

Tomorrow we won’t be in the studio but Saturday I will do more on the Skydiver and other projects.

The show is 44 minutes this week and covers a lot of territory. That will be loaded up late tonight.



DSC03083 DSC03084 DSC03086 DSC03092



SNG Daily 8-13-14

It was Wednesday today at SNG studio. First up I sculpted two sets of Vulcan ears today for Glenn Campbell and Tammy Klein. They are about half way there to being ready to mold.

Got some more digs in on the Skydiver. Got the guns mounted on the Sky. I had to make up the gun barrel bells. I got a bunch more painting done and those oval holes in the forward part of the diver. Remember they had to be blended in which is why I re did them.

Tomorrow I hope to finished topside so I can move on to the bottom. I am dancing from project to project as we have so many. But soon there will be lots of work going on for the movie.

The reason for all the pictures of the ears is to show the process of the sculpting. This week’s SNG Studio Episode 5 shows in the video an entire ear sculpture in one take.

 DSC03045 DSC03048 DSC03049 DSC03052 DSC03053 DSC03054 DSC03056 DSC03060 DSC03062 DSC03065 DSC03067 DSC03069 DSC03070 DSC03072 DSC03073 DSC03074 DSC03075 DSC03076 DSC03077 DSC03078 DSC03080 DSC03081 DSC03082

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