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Every time I have ever been part of a forum and too involved I get nailed by questionable individuals. Sometimes it can go a few years but always in the end people get weird, make up things about your character and worse. I won’t mention names or forums but the last one sure didn’t have my back when I needed it.

I once was on an RC airplane form. Same thing. I shared my work unconditionally with the good folks and bad there. I sold kits of my RC jets and planes. One day a guy comes along after many have already built and flew my planes successfully. His plane didn’t fly because he didn’t have the either skill to build it properly or lacked piloting skills. Here it comes. He puts down my kit, blast me for it not flying.His friends a supporter smell blood and jump in and enlarge the attacks. The mods do nothing like the last forum I was on 😉 So I blast him back and who gets banned? You got. Me.

So here I am dealing with things that don’t have to fly. You just glue and paint them. But I have now come to find if they have trouble  building a non flying model then they blame you too. This is why I will never offer a kit again or participate in a forum. I’ve had enough of being the whipping boy when things don’t work out as might be expected by the builder.

And to all the wonderful friends I have come to know from these forums I don’t have to miss you. Everything is still here. The videos and the builds I do for Film and TV as well as a few lucky customers. So subscribe and join in without fear of trouble makers as I have my thumb on the ejection button and control the show here. Not them.

So please join me and tell the others I’m not gone.  Thanks for all the wonderful emails ans support. A tell a friend. 😉


Steve Neill

June 2012

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