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Nautilus Video Part One


Building a Custom Replicas 66 inch Nautilus Part One

Building a CR 66 inch Disney Nautilus Part One

I’ve built a lot of submarine models in my time and most of them were RC but the one that always got away was my first love. What else? The Disney Nautilus.

Like many of you I remember the day I first saw the film. For me on the big screen and I just knew one day I’d have a big model of her. Little did I know it would be 50 years later!

I’ve built three to date for customers. Two 31 inch models and one Custom Replicas 66 inch last year that was a radio controlled model. I’ve run a lot of subs but this one was dead smooth under water with no bad habits unlike the Seaview. But I digress.

I built the big CR model for Steve Kerr. The model arrived at my home and to my shock the box had a big tire track running across it and this was not a good sign. The hull was pretty well destroyed so Steve ordered another. I don’t know what finally happened with his claim but knowing UPS as I do I bet he never got any satisfaction. After the build was finished, and the Nautilus shipped off to him. I asked him what he wanted to do with the broken kit and he told me to keep it. Wow. Thanks Steve. You just made an 8 year old kid very happy!

This kit sat for nearly a year and one day I got it out and looked it over. One thing leads to another and first thing I did was to go through the box and collect every sliver of broken hull and put it in a bag. Later I started assembling a jigsaw puzzle. Glued all the parts together and then re-enforced the hull with more glass and epoxy from the inside. Then she sat again. For months while I finished off my scratch built 66 inch TOS Enterprise. Then I had a bunch of kit orders and building jobs. But recently calm came to the storm and I dove in. In less than a week she was starting to look like a boat again.

I’m at the point now where I can tomorrow sand her down again and replace the lost rivets and primer her one color.
More to come…


P.S. Part one of the video will be posted as soon as You Tube is done uploading in a little while.


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