TOS Film Project Update

First it’s time to set the record straight on the incredible talent I have helping me with this project.

1. Matt Boardman: A fantastic Lightwave jokey and our VFX supervisor. He’s one of the talents from Doug’s crew on Blood and Chrome.

Currently he’s organizing the crew and shots as well as taking on the task of building our Neptune station model and more.
2. Chris Martin AKA Evil Genius: Who made our Enterprise and USS Drexler constitution class Stars ships and our Dry dock. Some of you will know his TOS Enterprise model from the new SOTL Calender.

Click on the above image of Chris Martin’s incredible Star Gazer
3. Tony and Alex Bruno: A talented father and Son team doing CGI shots and animation as well as compiling models and texturing and more.

Click on the above image for a larger picture of Tony’s render of the USS Drexler. She’s still not finished but close. This is the first time in Star Trek History that we have ever seen the USS Drexler!
4. David Clarke: Again an extremely talented 3D jokey and modeler extraordinaire! To see his latest work check this link out:

David is currently working on the Drexlers encounter with the Romulan ship and more.

And Craig Buckaroohawk Frey:  famous for his great cover on the new SOTL Calender. He’s the guy that did the great new designed BOP or Bird of Prey.

These guys are doing fantastic work and as time allows I will post some of the animation test and more stills to wet your appetites.

Me? I’m directing, editing, mixing and doing all the green screen bridge shots and if these guys leave me a CGI shot…I’ll take it! LOL!

Much more to come and a trailer soon with Doug’s distress call in place and finished.

BTW Jack Marshall lent us a hand with some great smoke and fire sparks for the bridge Doug is on. Thanks Jack and thanks Doug! As usual he’s been a huge help on this project. No one does star Trek better than Doug!

Also thanks again to Will Smith for the fantastic bridge screen graphics which added so much to the look of my bridge set!

And yes we do plan to do this all over again in a second longer effort. More on that later. 😉


1 Response to “TOS Film Project Update”

  1. 1 evil_genius_180
    December 23, 2011 at 1:17 am

    Man, I love David’s animation. I had to watch it again, even though I watched it about 6 times on Scifi-Meshes. 😀

    Tony’s nebula looks great also and he’s doing an awesome job on the Drexler conversion. 🙂

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