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Day 14 on the chair

How does it feel. Well not like sitting in any other chair of course but it’s comfortable and the impact of what it truly is I have hasn’t hit me yet. It’ hard to take in. for years I wanted both a big model of the enterprise and the chair. Now that I have them both it feels odd. But as I make the short it will sink in I guess.

I truly appreciate all the help I’ve had and support. Bruce Boyd was awesome!
Ted coming over yesterday was the cherry on top. what a truly nice day it was.

Today I refinished the arms. Took off all that goo that was on it. The clear after a few days was like tar. So I scraped it all off and sanded them down again. Stained them again and went to town on them with colored pencils.

They need a clear coat but I’m going to let them dry several days before I do this time. They are fixed to the the chair with the pegs properly.

Video is on the upload. A long one this time. Lots of fun stuff and me complaining about California banning everything. Lacquer thinner for one thing I did fine after the video at Home Depot. but I ma told it will be made illegal in CA soon. Hmmm…

Here’s a couple of pictures of the finished chair with the refinished arms.




Day 13 on the chair

Today Ted Alexander came over to help me cover the chair. Some of you will know him as Prefect 42. I couldn’t have finished this without his generous help! We got the chair covered in record time of 6 hours. And we had a lot of fun doing it.

The arms are just laying in place. I still have to lock them down tomorrow after I refinish the wood. Then it’s really done. 14 days to the date I started. Video will be up tomorrow so you can see Ted and I working on the chair.



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