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Happy Moon Landing Day!

I wasn’t going to do this because whenever one gets political someone gets their knickers in a twist. But on this occasion, and subject matter…too bad.

Today it’s been 42 years since we landed on the Moon. In all that time we have a holiday for everything including Festivus.

Landing on the Moon is one of the most single most important things the human race has ever achieved. And it’s not a national-global holiday?  And please. Don’t give me that horse crap about it never happened. And don’t let the door slam you in the ass either when you exit here.

The media snores, the public snores, our shuttle program is closed down by a clueless President and the torch slowly goes out while our kid’s heroes’ become rap stars and sports players? How will we ever get back in space if this trend continues?

The numbers are few for those of us that demand humans travel the Stars. But it doesn’t change the overall importance. In this case our needs outweigh theirs. Or to quote Spock: “Sometimes the needs of the few out weight the needs of the many.”

This planet won’t hold many more people, we have stopped exploring and there are no more oceans to journey to find new lands on Earth. And to make things worse this planet has an expiration date on it somewhere. We could be wiped out at any time by a natural disaster. Everything we ever did and knew would be gone. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

An aggressive move to travel in space would create new technologies, jobs, hope and most importantly, a life boat. Can you imagine where we would be today had we kept going after we landed on the Moon? It boggles the mind. But the many wanted Wars, trade and industry that is destroying the planet in the name of territory and profit-greed. This is insane.

I love what the captain of the USS Relativity called us, Industrial barbarians.

What the human race is doing is wrong, and as my signature says on the forums. “Make Star Ships not War.”





212 ready to paint

I got lots more done on Byron’s 212 over the last two days.

All the parts are fitted and installed except for a few small deck parts.

I got the top and bottom of the hull mated and gapped. The top is held on with magnets. No screws and it works great.

Flanged is installed on the lower hull this helps key the top well.

Sail is cut out and all the scopes and masts are installed and can be removed for shipping-packing.

Tomorrow I’ll tape her off for panel line details using thinly sliced painters tape. Once I primer over the tape and remove it I get nice crisp panel details on the hull and deck.

Friday final paint and I’m waiting for a radio to get here to do the pool trials.


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