Almost there!Well except for the decals

Now that the epoxy has dried over night I addressed the base. The owner Dave sent me a MR base. Nice. Mirrored Plexiglas top to it and a acrylic pole. There was no way to remove the pole without inflicting damage to the whole base. I needed a temporary solution.

So out to the garage and rummage through my stuff and found a nice base. It is unfinished wood but was perfect for my needs. I have lots of brass stock and found the right sized OD to the Pole Dave sent me. I drilled a hole dead center in the wooden base and fit the brass in using a square to make sure it was true. Glued that in with CA. Added some rubber feet.

The pole fits snuggly into the brass and can be removed with ease. You can turn the model on the stand too. The ship is mounted at a slight positive angle (no the nacelles aren’t drooping it’s your eyes! LOL!).

I plan to mount a piece of mirrored plex to the base later on and paint the edges black. Dave will at least have a decent base for now until he replaces it with some thing else down the road.

Now I can get to work adding the decals tomorrow and she’ll be finished.

More tomorrow,


2 Responses to “Almost there!Well except for the decals”

  1. March 21, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    Beats the heck out of my Hallmark Christmas desktop ornament! Nice job, can’t wait for those decals and base.

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