More on the Nautilus…

Today was spent getting every last single part in all those bags on the boat. All that’s left now is the windows and the wheel house which I can’t do until I primer and paint the hull. Then I can install the lights, windows and detail out the wheel house.

Tomorrow she gets primer and the last pointing up stuff. On Tuesday, paint, Wednesday lighting, and Thursday the wheel house gets detailed. Well that is the plan.

All the grills and PE is on. Everything fit pretty well. Locations were a bit of a mystery but all the pictures I have of the boat helped there. Instructions were a bit vague but not too bad.

Here are some pictures,


This is the removable ram. This all get filled and evened up with finishing glaze tomorrow. It’s rough but functional right now.

Top just lifts off after you remove the ram.

Here’s that flange in the stern that keep the top down.

Not sure how this happened but I suspect the molds for this model are getting worn. This could take a long time to fix, or I paint it up as barnacles and sea life.

I drilled some simple holes to drain water from the hull.

I then added the grills. I did the same thing with the vents top side that are covered by the PE grills. This releases the trapped air under the deck and helps the sub dive.

All the bits on.


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