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Business end of the Nautilus…

Today was all about the business end of the boat and getting it functional. In doing this you destroy all kinds of scale things. Thems the breaks kids. It has to happen.

Plain and simple these are movie fantasies that don’t stand a chance of working in the real world as designed. The worst offender being the Seaview. Horrible running boat without all kinds of mods. But that’s another story.

As I have said before the Nautilus has dive planes but they are virtually useless in the scale location. The pitching prop works but is a real pain to do. So we have dive planes in a non scale location.

Today I got the brass prop drilled and tapped for a 3/16 stainless steel prop shaft. Got it in place and turning.

Got the rudder working and the control rods hooked up.

And fabricated the dive planes that will later be painted and rivets added to match the rest of the boat. They too have the control rods hooked up and they function.

Prop threaded and on the shaft.

Prop shaft support bulkhead and bearing in place. Still needs to be clean up with the Dremel and epoxy and micro balloons added to the bulkhead join for more strength and a cleaner look.

This surprised me really. The parts didn’t match up exactly and there was a large gap between the prop guard and it’s mate to the side fins.

I fixed the problem with a bit of styrene.

Ugly but works like a charm. Once painted up it looks the part though.

Most of the time not unless you crawl under the boat to torture yourself this is what you’ll see. Most of the ugly control rods don’t show.

Tomorrow I’ll install the Water Tight Cylinder or module. This will require I fabricate bulkheads to support the cylinder and hook it’s output control rods to the control rods I made today. Hook up the electronics and see it all work.

More tomorrow.


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