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New nacelles…

Nacelles are cut. They need a bit of sanding and filling still. I just use balsa filler and sand. I did the inside of the LT nacelle already. What happens when your wiring cutting by hand some times is you snag up on the template or adjust your hand to rotate it. If you take too long to do that it burns a groove. But it’s not a problem as all you have to do is fill it. You’re going to glass it all anyway.

These nacelles are the correct size now and nice and round. End caps fit perfectly as do the front dome assembly. So tomorrow I’ll spend the day pointing them up a bit and glass them on Monday.

Here’s some pictures from todays work.


Ah a nice bunch of foam on my Z.

Marking the foam for cutting.

Cut the basic shape on the band saw.

Then cut the cross sections.

All the foam cut for all for pieces that make up two nacelles.

First section. Templates on center line with 3M 77. The excess is for the entry of the hot wire. The bow in the background is hooked to a power supply. Set for 12 volts. In this case a common battery charger. Burns through nice and easy. Couldn’t get a picture of that with both hands doing the work.

Cut first section.

A mid section cut.

Once I have all the sections I glue them end to end with 3M 77 on a flat and true surface. This is ready to fill and carve in the rounds at either end of the recess.

Fitted to the ship the slots are perfect and if you compare these to the early balsa nacelles you will see the size difference. I was off and it wasn’t until I finished the end caps I realized this.


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