Hawk gets it’s maiden flight

First flight was perfect as it can get I guess. Lots of power with the 4s stock set up. Straight down the runway. Nice level take off and then after sufficient air speed and nice climb vertical to altitude.

Far too much aileron control even on the recommended low rate settings. Even with 40 % expo so I’ll be cutting that back down some more.

Elevator excellent. Over all excellent control. Half power was still fast enough. She glides easily so the drag on the airframe seems low. Recommended most forward CG I was and 1/8 ahead of and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Timer goes off time to land. The only other guy flying has ditched his P-51 on the side of the runway and crosses to get it. He yells “on the runway.” I say hurry up please. I throttle to about 1/3 power and circle the field. He’s there forever it seems. Finally he clears and at about 200 ft. altitude the ESC oscillates my power as a warning of low batt and then cuts off. Flame out.

I’m way out there but to my surprise she responds well to energy management. I trade altitude for airspeed and glide nose down nearly on the deck for what seems like a long time. I make it side ways to the runway and find I still have enough head speed to turn and line up center on the yellow line and make a perfect slightly flared landing and roll to a stop. A big sigh of relief. If that had not happened I’d never know that she had such a glide ratio and that all the reports of it being a tip stalling meany were over rated IMHO. Great plane!



The happy pilot home after his first flight.

2 Responses to “Hawk gets it’s maiden flight”

  1. 1 R2K
    April 24, 2010 at 12:45 am

    A pretty exciting flight!

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